Swimming Pool New Plaster

New Plaster Start-up: Pricing: $450 minimum

You have just invested thousands of dollars on new white, colored, pebble tech, or 3M plasters. What do you do now? It is imperative you have the "start-up" process performed by professionals that know water chemistry, and the process of balancing out your water during the plaster’s curing process. Improper start-up techniques can cause staining and cause pre-mature plaster problems. We have streamlined a start-up process that gets you swimming in your newly plastered pool in less than half the time of conventional methods, with better results!

Service Includes:

  • Brushing and vacuuming the pool with soft bristle brush and vacuum head until plaster dust is removed from pool (usually 5 to 7 days excluding weekends)
  • Balance your pool water each day to ensure proper water chemistry during curing process Adding cyanuric acid (stabilizer) to pool to reach optimal level.
  • Cleaning of the pool filter once plaster dust is removed from pool.
  • Adding stain treatment (sequestering agent).

NOTE: It is critical that this service be started when the pool is being filled, or at least when it is completely filled. So planning and making arrangements for this service in advance is crucial to the outcome of the service.